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10th Anniversary Of Russian State Customs Committee

Today is the 10th anniversary of the Russian State Customs Committee. On October 25, 1991 the Russian President signed the decree On the State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation. Over the past 10 years, a solid legislative and regulatory basis, management structure and customs infrastructure have been formed. Today, seven regional customs departments, three specialized departments, 140 customs houses, 576 customs posts are standing guard over the economic border of Russia. In addition, there are 131 international vehicle check points with technical equipment meeting world standards. The Russian Customs Service has its airforce, navy, communication means and the necessary equipment. The total number of Russian customs officials is about 63,000 people. Every rouble invested in customs development provided on average 27.8 roubles in revenue for the federal budget's benefit in the form of customs payments. All in all, about 85 billion dollars have been collected within the 10 years of the State Customs Committee's operations, Chairman of the State Customs Committee Mikhail Vanin noted on the eve of the Day of Russian Customs.

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