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Woman walks around naked after drinking energizing beverage

Unusual news came from the town of Pervouralsk in Russia's Sverdlovsk region. Some of its inhabitants developed dementia after consuming a well-known energizing alcohol drink Jaguar.

On Wednesday afternoon, an anonymous person called a police control room and said that there was a naked woman walking around the central square of the town. The woman was wearing only underpants.

A police patrol arrived at the square and saw the naked woman there indeed. Having seen the police, the topless woman tried to run away from them, but was arrested.

The woman showed aggression and physical strength, so the officers had to cuff her. However, the officers had to spend a lot of time and energy to push the woman into their car.

Afterwards, the woman was delivered to the neuropsychiatric hospital for examination. Nothing has been reported about the woman herself. It was only said that she was born in 1991. 


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