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Europa League Semis: Advantage, Spain!

After the two Madrid clubs experienced positive results in the Champions League (Real came away from City with a 0-0 draw, Atlético beat Bayern) Sevilla managed a 2-2 draw at Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine) and Villarreal beat Liverpool in Spain.

Shakhtar Donetsk 2 Sevilla FC 2

Marlos 23                 Vitolo 6

Stepanenko 36         Gameiro 82 (pen)

The perfect sandwich. Sevilla opened, the home side reacted and went into the break ahead, held on until the last ten minutes, then the visitors came back with a penalty.Seville had slightly more of the ball (53% to 47%) but the home team had more shots (13 to 9), both with 4 on target. Shakhtar had 4 shots saved, Sevilla had 3.

Villarreal 1 Liverpool FC 0

Adrián López 90+2

The cruelest of results against Liverpool, as the timing of the goal shows. Liverpool had 13 shots (against 9) and saw 5 attempts blocked (against Villarreal's 2), although the home side saw a shot off the woodwork

Return matches: May 5

Final May 18


Twenty goals scored in regular time, Sevilla and Athletic Bilbao going all the way into the second half of extra time before Sevilla took it 5-4 on penalties. Liverpool and Dortmund put on a seven-goal thriller, Liverpool entering the semi-finals with an aggregate of 5-4.


Shakhtar Donetsk 4  Sporting Braga 0 (First leg 2-1) Aggregate Shakhtar 6-1

Sparta Praha 2 Villarreal 4 (First leg 1-2)  Aggregate Villarreal 3-6

Sevilla 1 Athletic Bilbao 2 (First leg 2-1) Aggregate 3-3 aet Sevilla 5-4 penalties

Liverpool FC 4 Dortmund 3 First leg 1-1) Aggregate Liverpool 5-4




First Legs


Braga 1                         Shakhtar Donetsk 2

                                     Rakitskiy 45, Ferreyra 75

Wilson Eduardo 89



Villarreal 2                Sparta Praha 1

Bakambu 3, 63          Brabec 45+4



Athletic 1             Sevilla 2

Aritz Aduriz 48    Kolodziejczak 56, Iborra 83



Dortmund 1    Liverpool FC 1

Hummels 48   Origi 36


Second Legs to be played on April 14



There are three Spanish teams in the last eight, one each from Ukraine, England, Portugal, Germany and the Czech Republic


Last sixteen

Anderlecht 0 Shakhtar Donetsk 1 Agg. 1-4

Sevilla 3 Basel 0 Agg. 3-0

Tottenham 1 Dortmund 2 Agg.1-5 

Sporting de Braga 4 Fenerbahçe 1 Agg. 4-2  

Leverkusen 0 Villarreal 0 Agg. 0-2  

Valencia 2 Athletic Bilbao 1 Agg. 2-2 Bilbao passes on away goals

Manchester United 1 Liverpool 1 Agg. 1-3 

Lazio 0 Sparta Praha 3 Agg. 1-4 


Europa League Games on March 10


Shakhtar Donetsk 3  Anderlecht 1

Basel 0  Sevilla 0

Dortmund 3  Tottenham 0

Fenerbahçe 1  Sporting de Braga 0

Villarreal 2  Leverkusen 0

Athletic Bilbao 1 Valencia 0

Liverpool 2  Manchester United 0

Sparta Praha 1  Lazio 1


Last 32

Fenerbahçe (Turkey) 1 Lokomotiv Moskva (Russia) 0


Thursday February 18

Anderlecht (Belgium) 1 Olympiacos (Greece) 0

Midtjylland (Denmark) 2 Manchester United (England) 1

Fiorentina (Italy) 1 Tottenham Hotspur (England) 1

Dortmund (Germany) 2 FC Porto (Portugal) 0

Villarreal (Spain) 1 Napoli (Italy) 0

Saint-Étienne (France) 3 Basel (Switzerland) 2

Sevilla (Spain) 3 Molde (Norway) 0

Sporting CP (Portugal) 0 Bayer Leverkusen (Germany) 1

Valencia (Spain) 6 Rapid Wien (Austria) 0

Augsburg (Germany) 0 Liverpool FC (England) 0

Sparta Praha (Czech Republic) 1 Krasnodar FC (Russia) 0

Galatasaray (Turkey) 1 Lazio (Italy) 1

Sion (Switzerland) 1 Sporting de Braga (Portugal) 2

Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine) 0 Schalke (Germany) 0

Marseille (France) 0 Athletic Bilbao (Spain) 1


Europa League Second Leg and aggregate


Lokomotiv Moskva (Russia) 1 Fenerbahçe (Turkey) 1 (agg. 1-2)

Olympiacos (Greece) 1 Anderlecht (Belgium) 2 (agg. 1-3)

Manchester United (England) 5 Midtjylland (Denmark) 1 (agg.6-3)

Tottenham Hotspur (England) 3 Fiorentina (Italy) 0 (agg.4-1)

FC Porto (Portugal) 0 Dortmund (Germany) 1 (agg.0-3)

Napoli (Italy) 1 Villarreal (Spain) 1 (agg.1-2)

Basel (Switzerland) 2 Saint-Étienne (France) 1 (agg.4-4 Basel away goals)

Molde (Norway) 01 Sevilla (Spain) 0 (agg.1 - 3)

Bayer Leverkusen (Germany) 3 Sporting CP (Portugal) 1 (agg.4-1)

Rapid Wien (Austria) 0 Valencia (Spain) 4 (agg.0-10)

Liverpool FC (England) 1 Augsburg Germany) 0 (agg.1-0)

Krasnodar FC (Russia) 0 Sparta Praha (Czech Republic) 3 (agg.0-4)

Lazio (Italy) 3 Galatasaray (Turkey) 1 (agg.4 - 2)

Schalke (Germany) 0 Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine) 3

Athletic Bilbao (Spain) 1 Marseille (France) 1 (agg.2-1)

Sporting de Braga (Portugal) 2 Sion (Switzerland) 2 (agg.4-3)


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