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Georgia changes long-standing knife-carrying tradition


The Georgian Parliament, together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, introduced amendments to the Code of Administrative Violations regarding the carrying of knives in public places.

From now on, Georgian citizens will have to pay the fine of 200 lari (about $115) for carrying a knife in clothing or carry-on baggage. If the offender is re-arrested for the same offense, the fine will be larger - 1000 lari (about $600). In addition, the person will be arrested for up to 15 days. To crown it all, those having criminal records will be held accountable for possession of knives.

A special commission currently determines the list of items that will be assigned to this type of weapon.

The amendments to the law will not touch upon those wearing traditional Georgian clothing and the people who use bladed articles in their professional activities, such as hunting, fishing and agriculture. 

It is worthy of note that Georgian males carry knives since early childhood. This is a part of the Georgian culture. By 15 years of age, a young man receives a real combat weapon in his possession. This event is of special importance to Georgian families: father removes his weapon and hands its over to his son in a symbolic act that gives the right to the young man to defend his family's honor and dignity. 


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