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Unified Rescue Service To Be Created In Russia In 2002

Sergey Shoigu, the Russian Emergencies Minister, believes that the main task of 2002 will be the establishment of an up-to-date state rescue service, in line with the decision to merge the Emergencies Ministry and the State Fire Service. According to him, it is necessary to adjust the two systems and practice all avenues of cooperation. This will require amendments to the legislation, creation of unified communication and monitoring systems. Shoigu thinks that it has become evident after September 11th that the 21st century will not only bring new achievements and discoveries, but also new threats, which the world is not so far ready to face. Therefore, the Emergencies Ministry will pay even more attention to the development of monitoring and forecasting services to thwart emergencies. Shoigu noted that his ministry's plans included completion of equipping the services with robots, which will make it possible to conduct salvage operations without life hazard, to work under conditions of chemical and radiation danger and to neutralise mines.

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