Source Pravda.Ru

Teens spray-paint electric train completely in Moscow region

About a hundred of teenagers stopped an electric train on Michurinets station on the outskirts of Moscow covered all carriages of the train with graffiti spray-paint completely - from the first to the last carriage.

Some of the teenagers were holding the emergency brakes, not to let train move, while others were spray-painting the train. Having finished their "deed", the company of young people left the scene, said portal

There are not many passengers at evening time on that direction, and there were no police officers in the train. As a result, the train had to stay on the station for almost 20 minutes, and the passengers had to suffer from the smell of fresh paint.

A criminal case was filed on the fact of the incident under article "Vandalism".

The malefactors (if caught) will have to face fines and penalties for painting the carriages anew.