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Lesbian waffles available in Russia

Waffles propagandizing lesbian love appeared in food stores of Ekaterinburg, the Ural region of Russia. The packaging of Artek waffles depicts two little girls hugging each other. The girls are of different skin color - to all appearance, the designer wished to express the children's internationalism in his work (Artek is an international summer camp for children in Ukraine's Crimea).

"One girl put her arm around the other girl - she is holding the girl's hand, trying to kiss her on a cheek. The other girl does not seem to have anything against such a gesture: she is keeping her eyes wide open, she is smiling back and blushing," a local newspaper wrote.

Ekaterinburg's residents do not suspect the designer and the waffle maker of having any guileful intentions to corrupt the young generation. The "lesbian" waffles cost seven rubles (one dollar is about 30 rubles) for a pack, they are rather delicious and enjoy great popularity among the local population. However, Ekaterinburg has the reputation of a homophobian city - the local committee for youth promised to look into the matter.

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