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Indian man suspected in rape, murder to be extradited to Britain

An appeals court has rejected an Indian man's challenge against his extradition to Britain to face trial for allegedly raping and killing a teenage British girl, a government lawyer said Friday.

Justices Mukul Mudgul and P.K. Bhasin of the New Delhi High Court upheld the magistrate's earlier decision that there was enough evidence to justify sending Maninder Pal Singh Kohli to Britain for trial, said prosecutor A.K. Vali.

Kohli, an Indian citizen, is wanted by British police for allegedly abducting and killing Hannah Foster, 17, from near her home in Portswood, Southampton, on March 14, 2003. Her body was found two days later, and an autopsy indicated she had been raped and strangled.

It was still not immediately clear Friday if or when Kohli will be sent back to Britain. He can still appeal Friday's decision in the Supreme Court, India's highest, Vali said.

The Indian government will send him to Britain if the Supreme Court endorses the New Delhi court's decision.

Kohli's attorney was not immediately available for comment.

Kohli traveled to India shortly after British police identified him as the prime suspect and issued a warrant for his arrest.

Indian police apprehended Kohli in 2004 after Foster's parents visited India, pleading for information on his whereabouts.

Kohli has since been in jail, fighting his extradition.

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