Source Pravda.Ru

Police officers found a naked policeman in gypsy’s apartment

The attendants of the internal affairs department of the Russian city of Ekaterinburg were searching the apartment of a woman-gypsy, who was selling drugs. The police officers were shocked, when they found a naked colleague from the anti-drugs department of the city in that apartment.

When the police entered the apartment, they saw a naked guy with a towel around his waist. The guy’s name was Sergey Bykov, he worked at Ekaterinburg’s internal affairs department for struggle with illegal circulation of drugs. The woman under investigation, Lida Ogly was also there. The naked policeman had several versions to explain such a delicate presence of his. He said that he was renting the apartment, but did not know about the criminal activity of his landlady. There was also another explanation: he dropped by just for 20 minutes “to do something.”

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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