Source Pravda.Ru

Thieves forgot to cut eye-holes in their masks

A funny thing happened in the English county of Yorkshire, the Guardian reported. The police were long enjoying the tape, filmed by the security camera, showing a couple of teenagers trying to rob a shop.

They had a problem – they forgot to cut eye-holes in their masks, so they were stumbling on each other, then they were furiously demanding the money from a wall of the shop and of course, they could not see how one of the shoppers called the police.

They took their masks off in the end – right in front of the camera. The lawyers, fixed for Thomas Ratbone, 18 and his 17-year-old pal were also shocked with the details of such a robbery.

This incident is even more funny, because such a comic stealing was not their first. The police suspected the guys of a theft in York, which took place in July. However, the lads managed to steal only 3 packs of cigarettes.

The police press-secretary of the county said, it would be very hard for him to withhold the desire to present the guys the video tape as a Christmas present. “They seem to be the dumbest thieves in the whole world,” – said he.