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Old woman denounced for breeding rats

The Spanish enclave of Ceuta lived tense moments this week, not because of a Moroccan invasion of Parsley island but because of an old lady who lived with rats in her apartment.

The 80-year-old lady lived alone and treated the rats like pets; they were her only companions. The situation reached the authorities after a neighbour saw the lady feeding the rats with bread. However, nobody imagined the true size of the problem until a sanitary patrol with a search warrant entered the modest dwelling and found over 500 rodents swarming all over the apartment.


Representatives of the North Korean administration issued a statement saying that the United States and its allies have lost the "political and military confrontation" to the DPRK

North Korea declares victory over USA

Putin made his first public comment on the subject of the recent decision of US President Donald Trump to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

Putin makes first comment on Trump's Jerusalem decision