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Russian women prefer smart men

The most important feature of a real man, as Russian women think, is his intelligence. This is the result of an opinion poll carried out by the experts of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Independent Institute for Social and National Problems; 1,406 Russian women took part in the poll.

When a Russian woman makes her choice, she pays a lot of attention to a man’s intelligence, 36.7%. The second place is taken by the physical strength and health , 36%. The ability to provide a good income comes in third at 34.1%. The absence of bad habits is next with 28.6%. Twenty-three percent of Russian women prefer confident men, 21.9% like devoted men, and 17.6% find that a man’s sense of humor is the most important trait. Sexuality only ranks eighth, as only 17% of women consider it important.

The list continues with good looks at 15.7%, kindness at 13.4%, love to children at 12.7%, thrift at 9%, easy temper at 6.1% and, finally, a strong character at 5.3%. Every other woman said she had already found her true love. About 27% of those who have not yet met their man are sure that they are going to be lucky. Seventeen-percent of women are not that optimistic, and they consider themselves doomed to loneliness.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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