Source Pravda.Ru

Monks ousted ghosts from women’s bathroom

The editorial staff of one of Hong Kong newspapers had to send for Buddhist monks to restore the regular work of the office. A poltergeist appeared in the woman’s bathroom. The whole of the female staff of the South China Morning Post insisted that the ghosts be ousted from the office.

On the day of Klara Zetkin’s birthday, one of the employees went to the bathroom. When the woman washed her hands, she suddenly heard somebody pronounce her name in perfect English. The woman searched the place, but found nobody there.

After the incident, the female employees of the company started visiting the bathroom in small groups only, not to be caught unaware by the ghosts.

The end of the story is rather happy. Two Buddhist monks were sent for to say mantras and sprinkle holy water, and the ghosts have disappeared. Perhaps they have moved to the men’s bathroom.

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