Source Pravda.Ru

Man answers a call of nature in a sanitary engineering store

A man entered a sanitary engineering store in the Russian city of Kirov and shocked every single person there. When the man entered the store, he apparently believed that he was in his own house: he undid his belt and dropped the pants down. After that he sat down on one of the bowls and used it appropriately.

Salesgirls were standing in the hall flabbergasted watching the man answering a call of nature right in their shining goods. When they finally came to their senses, they tried to kick the man out of the store, although the attempt was not successful. The salesgirls had to call the police. The man was not hurrying anywhere at all, the Gorod news agency reports. The police officers did not have to take much effort to take the man out of the store: he was not trying to run away from them.

As it turned out later, the man had left his "natural traces" in several other stores nearby. The police had to take the man to one of the police stations.

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