Source Pravda.Ru

Over 1/3 of pupils have sex during school trips

There was an interesting opinion poll carried out in England, the results of which showed that more than 1/3 of pupils under 16 years old had their first sexual experience during the trips, organized by their schools (45% of boys and 26% of girls). Only 30% of them used condoms at that and 25% did not use any contraceptives at all. Every 5th respondent said he or she had sex during the trips with their class-mates, even if the trip included at least one overnight stop.

The results of the research performed by the company Marie Stopes International raised concern among the British teachers. They believe there is a big risk for teachers to be blamed for everything that may happen during such trips - parents have such a tendency.

There has been the new booklet written for the pupils, who go on a short trip with their class-mates – “Your Passport to Sexual Health,” which was published on