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Prostitutes in Romania are maturing

The Romanian bachelors can now solve all problems at once. The purchasing capacity of the Romanian men is rather low, so the demand on prostitutes dropped considerably. The pips were very concerned about it, so they decided to extend the rage of sexual services. From now on, a Romanian prostitute will not only do her main thing, but will also help her client to cope with the typical problems that lonely men have: cook dinner, wash the linen, clean the apartment. The payment is hourly, so it is up for a man to decide, what to order.

The prostitutes of Bucharest can do a lot really – the majority of them came to the capital of Romania from villages, or little towns, so they know the art of good housekeeping very well. The effect of that novelty was immediate – “a wife for one night” is now in greater demand, than expensive hookers from hotels and cheap girls from the railway station. However, the pips now have another problem to cope with: the clients are so happy about the girls’ work, that they sometimes have real love affairs with them, some men even get married.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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