Source Pravda.Ru

Amputation instead of circumcision

The Mexican police arrested a surgeon who amputated the penis of his patient instead of circumcizing it. This incident of mutilation happened in one of the state clinics of the town of Tijuana.

A man went to an appointment with Doctor Francisco Javier Valentin y Ortiz with a request to perform a circumcision. The doctor agreed to such a simple operation, but instead of removing the foreskin, the surgeon cut off a very large part of the man's penis.

The furious patient went to police, and Ortiz was arrested. As it turned out, the doctor was licensed to practice general surgery only; his qualifications did not allow him to perform the circumcision, since it requires specific knowledge in the field of urology. Now, the surgeon is facing charges of unintentional bodily injury, medical negligence, and performing an unlicensed operation.