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An original way to struggle with prostitution

13.05.2002 | Source:



The residents of one of the most fashionable quarters of Strasbourg invented an original way to struggle with prostitution that swept over this French city. There are most gorgeous mansions there, as well as the headquarters of the Council of Europe, the Europarliament, and the European court for human rights. However, the residents of the quarter are permanently disturbed by prostitutes, who wander along the streets, searching for clients. So the people, who live in that area, decided to join the forces in their anti-prostitute struggle. Every night, at about 10 p.m. they go out and scare clients away with firecrackers and photographing the number plates of their cars. They have already collected several hundreds of such photographs over a week. The so-called anti-client committee of Strasbourg is going to make the names of those car owners public, the clients are the main target of that action. Representatives of the committee stated that their actions were not connected against prostitutes, they said that they did not want to bring harm to those unhappy sex slaves, “we just want to oust lustful people. The official authorities of the capital of Alsace have not noticed anything illegal in their actions, but they refused to comment.


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