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Sex in public places? Norway comes first

If you believe what on-line polls tell you, then it will be interesting for you to know that the Harlequin Romance portal has recently carried out an on-line poll about the sexual preferences. According to the results of the poll, 66% of the Norwegian people have had sex in public places: in cinemas, fitting-rooms, and the like. People from twenty countries participated in the poll. Canada turned out to be the "purest" country, since there were only 15% of the people who confessed they “did it” somewhere outside. The poll also had information about other national sexual habits. For example, male Danes do not think it is a bad thing to grab their girls' bums in public places. However, the Japanese are totally against this practic. There were only 16% of the Japanese who said they had had car sex, while the Americans love to doing it in cars: 80%. Twenty-eight percent of Australians said they like to make love in the movies.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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