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TV ad showing red menstrual blood shocks Ukrainians

Libresse, a world-famous maker of women's hygiene products, has launched an educational campaign in Ukraine titled "This is normal," the purpose of which is to remove taboo from the topic of menstrual cycle. The company released a commercial, in which the widely recognised blue liquid, with the help of which TV ads traditionally demonstrate the absorbency of hygiene products, to the red liquid. The campaign sparked a storm of indignation among female audience.

The video shows common situations, in which young woman are too embarrassed to ask their friends for a pad, because there are men around them at parties or classes. The company offers to cast stereotypes aside and make no taboo of the subject. "Periods are normal. Talking about them should be too" the slogan of the video says.

However, many female viewers found the demonstration of the red liquid in an advertisement of women's hygiene products offensive. Many assumed that the topic of women's hygiene has already received too much exposure and does not need to be promoted further. One needs to talk about it, but one does not need to trumpet about it, Ukrainian bloggers believe.

Others noted that the campaigned evoked disapproval among women only. They explained women's negative reaction with patriarchy lifestyle and inner misogyny, when women feel aversion to other women and maintain stereotypes about women who represent other women in a negative light.

Libresse launched "Blood normal" campaign internationally in 2017. 


Periods are normal

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