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Italian Men Legally Allowed to Slap Women’s Bums

The Italian government has legally allowed male office workers to slap their female colleagues’ butts. There was one condition stipulated in the law, though: this slapping is not supposed to become a habit.

This decision was made by the Italian court of appeal. The court ruled that slapping underneath the back is not a display of sexual abuse, if the fact of slapping happened once.

This was the end of the trial that lasted for eight years. The trial was started by a female office worker from Venice. She was made to file a lawsuit against her male colleague, who slapped her bottom every day.

This man, a manager named Enzo Miceli, was sentenced to 1.5 years in prison in 1994. However, when the case reached the court of the highest instance, he was acquitted. The court ruled that there was no display on libido in that behavior.

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