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How to catch a wild tortoise

It has taken several hours for German policemen to catch a no man’s tortoise found on the bank river. The policemen could not have suggest how difficult it would be to “arrest” the only one, but a very aggressive specimen of a rare kind of biting tortoise, which was found on Weser River bank on Wednesday. The uniformed men tried to catch the freedom-loving tortoise for several hours, whose shell was more than 40 cm long. It obviously did not want to surrender to the policemen without fight and menaced them with bite, by clicking with its mouth. Finally, the policemen managed to place the biting animal to a solid box and to transport it to a special asylum for homeless animals. Though, it is still a secret where the tortoise has escaped from and why.

Representatives of the North Korean administration issued a statement saying that the United States and its allies have lost the "political and military confrontation" to the DPRK

North Korea declares victory over USA

Putin made his first public comment on the subject of the recent decision of US President Donald Trump to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

Putin makes first comment on Trump's Jerusalem decision