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Vladimir Putin might become a character of erotic opera

The opera theatre of the Russian city of Saratov is going to stage an erotic performance. The plot of the play is based on the events that happened to Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Yet, the action takes place in the Moscow Kremlin, and the main characters are Vladimir Putin and his secretary Masha Lewinsonova.

The Russian newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta advised that the author of the project, composer Vitaly Okorokov, was planning to have a lot of dancing in his play “Monica in the Kremlin.” The performance is also to include a lot of well-known melodies with new arrangements.

Okorokov has already had meetings with representatives of Putin’s administration and informed them about his idea. Yet, it was not informed, what the reaction of those officials was. The art council of the Saratov opera theatre will evaluate Okorokov’s plans in November. The authors of the project hope that a call from a state office will not ruin their plans. If everything goes well, then rehearsals will start in January of the year 2003. The premier might take place in December.

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