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Anna Kournikova is said to become James Bond’s new girl-friend

The British tabloid Daily Express reported a sensational news. Russian 20-year-old tennis star Anna Kournikova will become James Bond’s girl-friend in the next movie sequel about the legendary 007 agent’s adventures.

The work title of the new movie is Bond 20. As the tabloid stated, Anna’s candidacy for the role is being paid serious attention to. She has everything that is needed for this role: good looks, photogenic, she is a natural blond – the movie producers treasure this.

Anna has never won any grand tennis match yet, but she does have some experience in movies – she played a part of the hotel manager in Jim Carrey movie Me, Myself and Irene. The critics noticed she acted “naturally.”

A source close to Kournikova said, she would not have anything against the new film role, taking into consideration the fact James Bond gives a lot of chances for that. If this is all true, then Anna will join Pierce Brosnan in the new 007 movie.

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