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Zambia Organizes Crocodile Census

Zambia's Department for Wild Nature is going to organize a crocodile census. This is to be done with a view to find out whether hunting for crocodiles causes damage to the ecological balance in the nature or not. Spokesperson for the Department George Kampamba says that after counting the reptiles in the provinces having many rivers and water reservoirs, the authorities will determine the rate of the quota for hunting crocodiles next season.

This crocodile census is also important because of the increasing reptile population, which certainly causes a real danger to the population of the nearby settlements. Even a member of the parliament complained about terror from crocodiles; he reported that crocodiles started a real hunting for people and cattle in the north of the country, on the shores of Bangweulu Lake. The parliamentarian demands that “the blood-thirsty reptiles” must be immediately shot off.

Crocodiles also frustrated a traditional holiday which marked beginning of field works in the north of Zambia. The ceremony of the even supposes that people must get into the lake water, but the celebration was cancelled for fear of crocodile attacks.

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