Source Pravda.Ru

Orange Christmas trees grow in Ukraine

The so-called "orange" revolution in Ukraine (orange is the official color of the Ukrainian opposition), has brought a new fashion to the country - orange Christmas trees. A local plastic factory has already launched the series production of them. A spokesperson for the company said that Christmas trees of the bright orange color enjoy immense popularity among Ukrainians.

"We usually receive first orders for artificial Christmas trees already in summer. However, it could never occur to us that the orange color - the symbol of the opposition - would become so popular at the end of 2004," Tatiana Charuk, the company's director said.

"The orange color became all the rage in Ukraine on the threshold of the first presidential round, in October. At that time we decided to develop a special secret technology for the production of high-quality orange plastic," she added.

Orange Christmas trees will decorate the tent village on Kiev's Independent Square. A lot of politicians of the Ukrainian opposition, as well as their followers, will decorate such trees in their homes. It is noteworthy that a lot of Ukrainians prefer to wear orange-colored clothing too.

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