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Cow urine helps to get rid of wrinkles

The most famous Indian actresses refuse to use the new cosmetics, which was manufactured in their country. The beauties of Indian movies prefer to use the production that everybody knows, without any shocking ingredients. The thing is that the new series of Indian cosmetics contains cow urine.

The advertising campaign to promote the new cosmetics is being conducted by the Indian committee for protection of cows (a cow is a holy animal for Indians). Specialists of the committee say that cow urine possesses healing characteristics. The creams, which contain cow urine improve the complexion, make your skin more elastic and smooth wrinkles out. This unique cosmetics was offered to five most famous actresses of India to test it. They were supposed to try everything, creams and lotions, and then announce publicly how good the new products were. However, the actresses refused to use even a drop of the new substance and rejected an offer to advertise it.

As they claimed, even a thought of those disgusting creams with cow urine on their tender skin was totally shocking for them. “Of course, we all consider a cow as a holy animal, but it does not at all mean that its poop and urine becomes pure of that.

The Hindus treat cows very passionately, they think that cow urine is a medicine to treat any disease: flue, chronic disease, cancer tumors, and even mental problems. That is why the Committee for protection of cows does not understand, why the Indian beauties refuse to follow the ancient Indian traditions.

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