Source Pravda.Ru

Moscow scholars measured fly’s penis

For about a century genetics have studied fruit fly and learned almost everything about it.

However, there were some under-researched parts of the fly. Scholars did not know well the form of the fly’s penis. Earlier genetics did not take the fly’s phallus into account and in this way offended male flies. However, recently the fly’s penis has been measured within one ten thousand part of millimeter, and was catalogued. Scholars placed scale of coordinates on the profile photo of the penis, and this allowed to describe the form of the penis in details. More than 30 features of the fly’s penis (having average length of 0.2 millimeters) were researched.

Genetics say that new , different from the traditional ones, evolution tree for the fruit fly can be built on the basis of this comparative research. However, entomologists can refuse to accept the fly’s penis for the fly classification, and they can prefer old traditional features for this. There is no information on the research of the female fruit fly’s genitals.

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