Source Pravda.Ru

Ice-cream gratis – always more tasty!

This strange case has taken place in the city of Ardatov, Mordovia. The reason of the odd behaviour of the young man could be explained not only with his wish to cool off himself by such a hot weather, but, probably with some easy madness caused by this same hot weather.

In the very centre of the city, in broad daylight, the 21-year-old mechanic (who is adult enough for such childish tricks) snatched out a box of ice-cream from an ice-cream seller and showed a clean pair of heels. The police had not to searched for him too long: the young mechanic of a repair shop was found in a neighbouring block, not far from the spot. He was consuming the “bagged” dainty. The distracted of heat mechanic stole ice-cream in the sum of 234 rubles (approximately $ 7.5).