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Russian family keeps tamed pet fox instead of a dog

The fox appeared in the Vasilievs' house several years ago. "A friend of ours, a hunter, shot a fox one day and found its baby in the animal's burrow. Me and my husband decided to take the little fox. We did not have a dog at that moment. It was a tiny little thing that grew into a gorgeous animal that we keep now," the lady said.

The family walks their fox every day, like a dog. They nicknamed their pet as Fox - the fox enjoys every moment outdoors playing with local children. "Fox can be impudent only with dogs. If he sees a small dog around, he will chase it until he gets tired," the woman said.

Fox is not fastidious at all when it comes to food. He eats stewed cabbage, carrots and even pancakes. He prefers only raw meat, though. "He is rather sly. When I cook dinner, he makes some noise in a room. When I go to see what is going on, Fox runs to the kitchen, grabs a piece of something yummy and rushes to his bowl. When he is through with eating, he sits in front of a mirror and enjoys his own reflection. He probably thinks he is breathless. Most of all, he likes to hunt for mice in the basement. His behavior is unique: he is something between a dog and a cat," the woman said proudly.

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