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Four types of Russian women

The Institute for complex sociological researches of the Russian Academy of Sciences held a sociological poll among Russian women in 12 territorial areas of Russia, Moscow and St.Petersburg. According to the poll’s results, there are four types of Russian women: “home-oriented women”, “workers”, “career-makers” and “desperate”.

“Home-oriented women” (that make up 41% of Russian women) dedicate their lives to children upbringing, good friends, honest life and people’s respect. “Workers” (36%) have got the values of the “home-oriented women”, and additionally strive for interesting job and good education. “Career-makers” (16%) have the widest sphere of interests: they have got the values and objectives of the two first groups, and additionally plan to have their own business, be successful in professional career, visit different countries and become a part of the high society. “Desperate” (7%) have got the values similar to the “home-oriented” women, but do not believe they will be a success.


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