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Was There Sex in the USSR or Not?

If you look a book on the sexual upbringing of the Soviet people, you will have a lot of fun. For example, there was a book published in the USSR in 1959 titled “The Questions of Sexual Upbringing.” It was generally believed that there was no sex in the USSR. However, the book was published anyway. Needless to mention, there was very little about actual sexual upbringing in that book, but a lot of communist propaganda stuff. Here are some excerpts.

A wife must be devoted to Lenin's teaching.

According to the book, a woman in a Western family did not have any rights. In other words, a Western married woman was deprived of the greatest welfare that a human being could have: she did not have to work. She spent her time at home, shopping, going to beauty salons, and so on. She just wanted her husband to like her. A Western husband maintained the family alone and did not allow his wife to participate in public life. The Soviet author considered it to be barefaced impudence. A bourgeoisie woman did not have the chance to experience the joy of socialist contests. Instead of harvesting potatoes or collecting metal scrap, a Western woman spent her weekends camping or eating out in a fancy restaurant.

Here is what the book says about a divorced foreign woman: “A divorced wife becomes an outsider in Western society. She will not be able to have another family. If she manages to have one, then it will be accompanied with extreme moral or economic difficulties.” That is probably why foreign women do not have to work if they divorce their husbands. They can live happily ever after at the expense of their ex-husbands.

In the USSR, a woman was “an active builder of the new life, building socialism and communism.” She actually worked the whole day through, cooked dinner for every member of her family, cleaned rooms, washed linen, did her children’s homework, and brought slippers to her lazy husband.

The book says that a wish to make something of your life, to work and live well and then to get married and have a family was a very bad wish to have. According to the author of the book, this could only lead to blatant perversion and mass prostitution. An ideal family would be like this. A young Soviet married couple study, eat, and make love in their small room with their child sleeping on another little bed. Then they would run away from each other, being unable to live like that.

Hands were give to a man for…

The book emphasized that parents should watch their children and distract them from their early interest in sex: “Do not allow your children to keep their hands in their pockets or under the blanket.” These were measures to protect a child from one of the most horrid things: masturbation. It was believed that masturbation brought a lot of harm to the human body.

Then the book says that prostitution was liquidated in the country after the Great October Revolution. Very little is said about the baby-making process. Love was not important at all. The most important thing in the Soviet Union was to build communism.

One can find such people in Russia nowadays. They really were brought up like that. Basically, they are all bellicose old maids, who seem to hate all beautiful and sexually appealing girls. So, was it sex, or was it not?

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