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Shoes make voyeurism more interesting

Voyeurs are usually so much resourceful to make their sexual feelings more pungent! Ordinary spying is no more interesting for them, they invent newer tricks. To fasten a candid camera to shoe laces is one of the newest methods invented by voyeurs.

A 34-year-old Aomori citizen was arrested for public order disturbance. The man peeped under women’s skirts in a very unusual manner. The Japanese often traveled in suburb and metro trains, he liked to stand close to women in short skirts. Standing like that, the man pressed a secret small button to turn the camera on. The candid camera was fastened to the voyeur’s shoe laces and was connected to a small monitor with a wire, the monitor was attached to the man’s belt.

The trick with a camera was a success until one of the train passengers noticed strange behavior and mimics of the voyeur. The passenger came closer and saw that the man was shooting what was under the woman’s skirt. He informed police of such disgraceful doings and described appearance of the voyeur. Soon, the resourceful Japanese was arrested and called into account for the disgraceful behavior.

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