Source Pravda.Ru

There are too many sperm donors in Denmark now

Sperm donor boom is gathering steam in Denmark. Men are lined up to sperm banks. The reasons of such rush was the fact that the largest sperm bank of the country raised the price of one load.

The Danish newspaper Politiken wrote on Monday that the world’s largest sperm bank, the Danish Cryos, could hardly cope with crowds of sperm donors. The bank raised the price of one sperm dose up to 34 euros. The commercial director of the sperm bank advised that students made up the majority of sperm donors – up to 80%. That is why sperm points were basically located near universities. The director stated that young men were attracted with very little effort and a good opportunity to earn money.

Cryos has to open more and more branch offices to cope with all young men that wish to get some money for their sperm. Now Cryos has its offices in Germany, other European countries will have them soon too. Cryos’ commercial director said that his dream was to set up a sperm network that would be similar to McDonald’s restaurants.

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