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Swimming naked in Ireland is forbidden

A Latvian man had to face the Irish court, because he swam in a poll naked. The guy was discharged however, since the judge acknowledged the cultural difference between the countries.

Pavel Zahars took off his swimming trunks in an Irish pool, enjoyed the swimming, and then headed to the locker room naked. The police were notified on that incident and the guy was arrested. As it turned out soon, Zahars’s permission to stay in Ireland expired long time ago.

The judge of the district court ruled that Zahars did not realize that the thing he had done in he pool was something unusual, and that his behavior could be connected with the differences in the cultures of Ireland and Latvia. The judge even added that the Russian czars were known for such deeds.

Zahars’s lawyer stated that his client had a party before going to the poll and drank a lot of alcohol: “My client went to the pool to get rid of the hangover. He admits he was not acing right,” – the lawyer said. It was not reported, if Zahars was going to be punished for his illegal stay in Ireland.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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