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Indians launder money with…soap

26.08.2002 | Source:



Profession of a money washer is really very popular in India now. Cash circulation doubled within the past five years in the country, but posts responsible for exchange of old notes for new ones were eliminated in the Indian Central Bank. President of the Central Bank says, amount of old notes the bank can accept is limited. People have to stand in long lines to bank clerks to exchange old notes. Notes of different denominations are exchanged by different clerks. It sometimes takes even the whole day to stand in a line to exchange notes. Money washers save the situation!

Dozens of special shops are opened in an old town of New Delhi to buy old shabby notes. At that, the notes are valued below the face-value. Further, buyers-up take soap, clue and adhesive tapes to revive the notes. When the work is done, the washers go to the bank to exchange the revived notes at their face-value.


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