Source Pravda.Ru

Pregnant prostitutes all the rage in Russia's Ekaterinburg

Young pregnant women become most popular and expensive prostitutes in Russia's Ekaterinburg. Local police officers say that they meet young pregnant girls in the streets of the city rather often. Officers believe that the outburst of such interest has been caused with growing competition in the sex industry. The local police have about 1.5 thousand of files about the women, who offer sexual services for money, but the actual number is much larger.

The number of private firms that deal with intimate services in Ekaterinburg has doubled during the year. The illegal business is flourishing on account of the imperfect law. Prostitutes can be fined in 1.5 thousand rubles ($50) and pimps - in 2.5 thousand rubles ($80). The law does not stipulate any punishment for sex firms at all.

When nabbed, girls do not try to hide addresses and names of their pimps, local police officers say. Pimps pay the fine and continue running their activities. Russian prostitutes have nothing to complain of.

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