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Rescue team was called to neutralize suspicious advertising

One fine morning, when a family of one of the state clerks in Delhi was going to leave for work, they received their fresh morning newspapers, as usual. A phone rang up in the house, although every cell phone of the family members was off. Something was ringing in the pack of newspaper.

At first the people thought that it was free advertising, but it then turned out that none of the neighbors received anything like that. Someone soon remembered that there had been ten people killed recently because of the bomb with a ring.

The alarmed people sensed danger, threw the newspapers in the window and called the police and rescue services. RIA Novosti informed, the rescue team was late for “the site of the incident,” because one of the police officers unwrapped the paper pack and found the advertising booklet of the Indian telephone company TouchTel, which was advertising its services in Delhi. The residents of the part of the capital, in which the family of a state clerk lived, were supposed to receive TouchTel booklets, in which the phone rings were built in. It remained unclear, why other residents of the district did not receive those ringing booklets.

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