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Turkmen: young till 49

Within last 12 years, average life of Turkmen which made earlier 59 yeas, now has become longer by 12 years. This was reported by the republic’s president, Saparmurat Niyazov. The fact made Turkmenbashi revise the view on age categories. According to Niyazov, human childhood lasts up to 13 years, “teenage” period ends in the age of 25, while youth – in the age of 37, and adolescence, when a person achieves success both in his private and professional life, lasts up to 49 years. Turkmen suppose that in the age of 50 to 61 years people have wisdom period, while next 12 years of human life is considered to be the period of firmness and stability. The age of 73 to 85 years is threshold of senility, while after 85, the time of great-grandchildren comes for Turkmen. This year, the head of Turkmenia is 62 years of age.

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