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Worm chips are the hit of the season!

Visitors of the Chester zoo are treated to a new delicacy cooked of worms. The delicacy is especially popular among children.

The zoo administration started popularization of a new dessert made of a rather unusual product. Worms are fried in a deep-fryer, and the end product’s taste resembles potato chips very much. For children who also like different flavors to meals, the new worm chips are produced with different flavors as well. For example, you can try fried worms with cheese, barbecue or chilly pepper flavors.

The new delicacy looks quite natural (we mean, resemble worms very much), that is why zoo visitors are perfectly aware of what the tasty meal is made of.

It may seem strange, but the worm chips gained great popularity among different groups of the population. Children, for whom the delicacy was designed, are delighted with the worm chips. The zoo administration says, number of people wishing to taste new worm chips is never reducing. The cook who creates the new delicacy, is afraid that probably soon children hunger for the worm chips will get none at all, because supplies of the original product (the worms) are running short.

A zoo representative, Matt Lewis says, worm chips are really the hit of the season; visitors will be able to taste them till autumn. The man also says, the chips are safe for health and cause no harm to children organisms. They taste like regular chips, bit the crunching is even louder. You can not even imagine how children like them!

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