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Famous Russian Athletes to Conduct Action "Sport - World Ambassador"

A group of Russian famous athletes and sports veterans plan to conduct an action "Sports - World Ambassador" in order "to wipe the tang of politics from the forthcoming on October 12th European Football Championship qualifying game between the Russian and Georgian teams".

This was disclosed to a RIA Novosti correspondent on Tuesday by Head of the Russian State Sports Committee Vyacheslav Fetisov. According to him, "the game in Tbilisi ought to be held." "A group of Russian famous athletes will go to Tbilisi, so that they would cheer for the Russian team and communicate with Georgian fellow-athletes, whom we always supported in the Soviet times," Fetisov stressed. According to him, "sport has been always uniting us, and we do not want to mix sports and politics on October 12th." According to Fetisov, the Georgian Minister of Sports assured him that the situation at the Georgia-Russia football game would be normal.

"Proper bodies will ensure safety of the Russian fans," Fetisov said.

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