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Moscow's candidacy to hold EXPO-2010 will be examined in Paris on July 2

The presentation of the Russian project "EXPO-2010. Resources, Technologies and Ideas as the Road to a United World" for hosting the World Universal Exhibition will be held in Paris on July 2nd.

By now China, South Korea, Russia, Mexico and Poland claim to host the EXPO exhibition. An inspection group of the Bureau of International Exhibitions visited Moscow this past May. According to Valery Shantsev, vice-mayor of the Russian capital, the delegation "expressed a very high opinion of the Russian project." According to preliminary estimates, up to 160 countries and international organizations may take part in the 2010 Exhibition. It is expected to be visited by 25-30 million people, including heads of state and government.

In December 2002, the Bureau of International Exhibitions will announce the winner of the competition to host the EXPO-2010.

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