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Corrida plans in Volga region

A second attempt to hold a corrida, which failed in Moscow last year, may be taken in the Yaroslavl region (the Volga area). Corrida was prohibited by the Moscow authorities in spite of the fact that toro bravo bulls had been already brought to Russia.

An initiative group, headed by Yaroslavl deputy Alexander Simon, decided to complete the business and hold the first corrida in Russia.

Toro bravo bulls and cows, which had been kept at a farm in the Moscow region, have already been taken to Yaroslavl.

Unlike the mild and almost bloodless Portuguese corrida, which had been planned in Moscow, the organisers of the Yaroslavl show decided to hold it in the Spanish manner with slaughter of bulls.

Alexander Simon recently visited Spain and toreadors agreed to hold several fights in Yaroslavl.

Meanwhile, the regional and municipal authorities come out against such plans. Yaroslavl governor Alexander Lisitsyn doesn't agree to hold the dubious show in the region.

In addition, the regional administration didn't give Simon the permission to hold a corrida in the new ice palace. The regional prosecutor cautioned him against breaking the law, which implies punishment for cruel treatment of animals.

Nevertheless, Simon stands his ground and has already started selling tickets.

"I want to hold a Spanish-style corrida in Yaroslavl. This is the most honest variant, which does not imply any cruel treatment of animals. Toro Bravo bulls are born and grown for nothing, but fights," Simon told RIA Novosti.

However, Simon assumes that bulls won't be killed on the arena. But still they will be killed behind the scene, otherwise they will suffer from wounds, he stressed. According to him, the meat will be used for food.

Simon is convinced that the local authorities have "no legal grounds to prohibit a corrida".

"I shall be striving to achieve my goal," he said. The venue for a corrida in the Yaroslavl region is kept in secret.