Source Pravda.Ru

The World Cup competition in Russian billiards ended.

The World Cup competition in Russian billiards ended in Tyumen (Siberia) last Sunday. Ilya Kirichkov from Volgograd (the Volga area) won top honours.

Thirty best Russian billiards players participated in the tournament which was staged according to the Olympic system (elimination after one defeat). Ilya Kirichkov and Yevgeny Sozykin (Kemerovo, Siberia) met in the final. The player from Volgograd emerged victorious 11-8 after five hours of stiff competition.

The winner will now take part in the championship of Europe which will be held in the capital of Belarus, Minsk.

Head of the Russian billiards professional league Sergei Loktev stressed that "Tyumen has been venue of the competition already for two years, and it is always held at a high level, with the participation of the strongest players".

According to Loktev, it is planned to hold a stage of next year's World Cup competition in Tyumen.

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