Source Pravda.Ru

French Ballet Biarritz Comes to Yekaterinburg, Russia, in October

Two days ago, Yekaterinburg's Department of Culture received a confirmation that the French Biarritz ballet company would come touring to the Urals' centre on October 10 to perform there through October 12, 2002.

This will be the first visit of the famous ballet company to Russia. Biarritz will perform only in Yekaterinburg during the city's dance festival. The program includes only Russian ballet works, namely Le Spectre de la Rose, L'Apres-Midi D'un Faune, and Bolero that Sergei Dyagilev included in his Seasons.

According to Thierry Malandain, the art director of the Biarritz, the Russian ballet shows staged by Segei Dyagilev, the greatest composers, artists and choreographers participating, were truly revolutionary and greatly affected the development of Western ballet culture. Even now, Dyagilev's shows continue inspiring choreographers throughout the world.