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Actor Andrei Rostotsky dies during filming in Sochi

Russia's famous actor Andrei Rostotsky died an untimely death during the filming of a stunt episode in the Black Sea town of Sochi. The actor died on Sunday while undergoing neuro-surgery at Hostinsky district hospital, reported Sochi's head physician Vitaly Rogatenyuk. The tragedy had occurred 5 kilometres away from the mountain-ski resort of Krasnaya Polyana. Rostotsky is best known as Denis Davydov in "The Squadron of Flying Hussars" and as Nikolka Turbin in "The Days of the Turbins." He also appeared as Russia's last Emperor Nicholas II in six movies: "Waltzing Europe" /1988/, "Forbidden People" /1988/, "Reminiscing about the Husband" /1989/, "The Split" /1991/, "Dreams" /1993/, and "The Life and Death of Peter Stolypin" /2001/. Since the 1970s, Rostotsky was known as a professional stunt performer who did all the stunts by himself. He also directed stunts and fights in several movies, including "Trees Can Grow on Stones as Well" and "The Tender One."

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