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Adventure Tourism Exhibition To Be Held In Moscow

The first international specialist exhibition, "Sport, Extreme and Adventure Tourism," will be held in Moscow from November 19th-21st. The exhibition's general-director, Yuri Belous, announced on Tuesday that the main aim of the event was to show the attractiveness of various Russian region and towns from the point of view of active tourism. Companies will present their tour packages in the Volga region, Siberia and the Russian Far East. These will also include journeys to Bashkiria, Gorny Altai, Lake Baikal, the southern Urals, the Kamchatka peninsular and Komandor islands. Indeed, "Russian exotica" will feature: troika (a Russian three-horse sleigh) rides, equestrianism, hunting and fishing, excursions to volcanoes and geysers, and ocean trips. The military side of adventure is also on offer with trips on board fighter-bombers and inside up-to-date tanks. A commission for adventure tourism in Russia was set up this year, which will formulate the regulatory base, safety criteria and level of first aid support and services required. This will be worked out in detail with the assistance of specialists at the Centre of Extreme Medicine. They will help to issue safety certificates to tours and conduct a mandatory medical examination of would-be adventure tourists.

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