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Legendary Singer Demis Roussos To Give Concert In Moscow

On Friday, December 7, legendary Greek singer Demis Roussos will give a one-off concert in Moscow as part of his world tour. Demis Roussos (his real name is Artemios) has a unique voice. Born in Egypt, Roussos who is now living in Paris, has accumulated the traditions, culture and music of various countries and peoples. Roussos created his first group, The Idols, in 1963 when he played the bass-guitar and was a back-vocalist. The second group was set up in 1968 when Demis got acquainted with Loukas and Vangelis. They decided to create a new group and leave Greece to conquer the world. And they have succeeded. Over 8 years Roussos and his group toured the whole world. In Brazil, for example, he gathered a gigantic audience in a 150,000-seat stadium. Before him only Frank Sinatra had managed the same. Roussos's present trip to Russia is not the first one. However, the singer, as he says, last visited this country "very long ago," in 1986, and has since been looking forward to a new visit. "I have heard much of what has been recently happening in Russia and I know the life there is quite different now," Roussos said. "It would be interesting to me to see it in my own eyes, and I'm sure that despite all the changes, the Russians remain the same: hospitable, open-minded and generous. I'm glad I'll sing for the Russians again," the singer concluded.

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