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Investigators To Use Sanctions Against Olympic Champion Alexander Tikhonov If He Doesn't Appear By His Will

Investigators will "consider the possibility to use force sanctions" to bring for interrogation Olympic Games winner Alexander Tikhonov charged with initiating an assassination attempt against Aman Tuleyev, the governor of the Kemerovo region (southern Siberia,) in case Tikhonov doesn't turn up for investigation by his own will. This information was disclosed on Friday by Prosecutor Yuri Kondratyev who supervises this case. He also said that Tikhonov was abroad and had been summoned to Novosibirsk for further investigation. Alexander Tikhonov left Russia as soon as the Prosecutor's Office of the Novosibirsk region cancelled all measures of restriction against him for health reasons. Russian law-enforcement officers failed to deliver to Tikhonov a warrant containing a request to return to Novosibirsk to cooperate with the investigation. "Finally, this warrant has been delivered," the Prosecutor stated. According to the mass media, Alexander Tikhonov is currently in the German town of Oberhof, where the Biathlon World Cup is being held.

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