Source Pravda.Ru

Director Konchalovsky wants to shoot a film in Vyborg

A participant in the 10th festival of Russian cinema "Window On Europe", which is being currently held in the northern Russian town of Vyborg, film director Yegor Konchalovsky would like to use this town as one of his shooting sites, he said on Thursday in a RIA Novosti interview.

The director noted that he had been to Vyborg before but, seeing it again, he realised that this northern town could provide "a setting for a Scandinavian fairy-tale". According to him, this could be the adaptation of one of Hans Christian Andersen's tales.

Konchalovsky also pointed out that Vyborg and its residents have warmly welcomed the festival, and this is the earnest of its success. Besides, according to the director, Window on Europe is good because it is "built around the cinema proper, not around things surrounding it".

Konchalovsky's entry at the festival is his criminal thriller "Antikiller" with an all-star cast -- Mikhail Ulyanov, Sergei Shakurov and Alexander Valuyev -- in lead roles. The screen version is based on Daniil Koretsky's novels.